Hi. I’m Jordan Golson, and I write about cars.

I'm Jordan Golson, founder of PRNDL and an automotive journalist with years of experience covering the latest and greatest in the world of cars, technology, and transportation. You may have seen my work from top publications such as WIRED, The Verge, Popular Mechanics, Motor Trend, Ars Technica, and countless more.

My goal is to make PRNDL — an acronym for the Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low on your shifter — an invaluable source for in-depth car reviews and automotive technology insights.

Car journalist Jordan Golson with a Volvo VNR Electric truck in the background.
That’s me! I drove and reviewed the Volvo VNR Electric Big Rig last year.

I’ve been writing about tech and transportation for over a decade, and I’ve always contributed primarily to major publications either as a freelance writer or as staff. But the marketplace is changing, and platforms like Substack have made it more accessible for writers like me to strike out on our own, thanks to direct support from individual readers like you.

PRNDL has been the home to my car reviews for years, and they’ll remain free to read and watch. But now I’m adding a paid subscription component with exclusive, in-depth content on automotive tech, self-driving cars, and almost self-driving systems like GM’s Super Cruise and Ford’s Blue Cruise.

When I wrote about transportation for technology publications like WIRED and The Verge, I aimed to make complicated topics accessible to everyone. Here’s some of the past work that I’m proud of most:

This expansion into paid subscriptions will allow me to create more in-depth coverage like this, covering the innovations shaping the future of the car. The time I save from needing to pitch stories to editors and invoice publications to (hopefully) get paid, will let me spend time on what I do best: telling stories.

Here’s how it works.

Free and Paid Subscriptions

I’m creating both free and premium content for PRNDL. For free subscribers, here’s my weekly content plan:

  • One written car review on Wednesdays

  • One video review on Thursdays

  • One live podcast on Mondays

  • One automotive/transportation/tech column on Fridays

To directly support my work, you can purchase a paid subscription to PRNDL. For $10 per month or $100 per year (17% off!), you’ll get some terrific content and benefits:

  • One automotive/transportation/tech column on Tuesdays

  • A written transcript of the weekly podcast

  • Monthly carmaker swag giveaway (branded auto merch, hats, etc.)

  • Subscriber-only Q&A

  • Early access to video and written reviews

Becoming a paid subscriber makes it possible for me to strike out on my own. You’ll also get some great content to inform you about the rapidly evolving world of cars and technology.

Founders Tier

For a more personalized experience alongside increased direct support for PRNDL, I’m offering a $500/year Founders Tier. This limited-quantity premium subscription gives you direct access to my expert knowledge, advice, and insights, ensuring you can make the best decisions for your automotive needs.

As a Founders Tier member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • New Car Purchase Consultation: Get two 45-minute video consultations on your next new car purchase, we’ll discuss your needs in-depth, and I’ll give you personalized recommendations on the best vehicle for you. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for us to discuss which car you should buy, along with suggestions about navigating dealerships and the best ways to purchase your new car. With my years of experience and extensive vehicle knowledge, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better resource for your automotive journey. Or at least we’ll have some laughs.

  • Supporting PRNDL: The Founders Tier membership is crucial in providing the financial support necessary to keep PRNDL up and running. By joining this tier, you are directly contributing to the growth and success of the publication, ensuring that I can continue to provide top-notch content to all my readers.

You'll also receive all the benefits of the regular paid subscription:

  • Unlimited access to my library of articles, reviews, and guides

  • Early access to my podcasts and videos, featuring in-depth discussions and analysis, as well as my car reviews

  • Monthly carmaker swag giveaway (branded auto merch, hats, etc.)

For the car buyer looking for personalized service and wanting to support the future of PRNDL, the Founders Tier membership is a perfect choice. It means everything to me, and I can’t wait to discuss things with you directly.

Corporate and Group Subscriptions

Designed specifically for businesses and organizations within the automotive industry, I’m offering a $1,000/year Unlimited-Seat Corporate Subscription that covers your entire team. This premium subscription not only grants access to the entire content library but also gives direct access to my expertise to help your organization thrive in the ever-evolving transportation landscape.

As a Corporate Subscriber, your organization will receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited-Seat Access: Empower your entire team with access to my library of articles, reviews, and guides, as well as early access to my podcasts and videos. This unrestricted membership ensures that everyone in your organization can stay informed and up-to-date on the latest trends, news, and analysis.

  • Annual Two-Hour Consulting Call: Gain exclusive and private access to my expertise with an annual two-hour consulting call on the topic of your choice. These in-depth discussions can cover my thoughts on the auto industry, consumer behavior, and other topics relevant to your organization's interests. This direct access to my insights and analysis will give your team valuable knowledge and a better understanding of where the industry is headed.

Your organization will also enjoy all the perks of our regular paid membership. It’s the ultimate solution for organizations looking to stay ahead in the automotive industry, and it helps make my work at PRNDL possible.

Contact me directly at jordan@prndlcars.com to sign up.

Group subscriptions are also available for 30% off an annual plan.

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If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to chat about cars and tech, reach out to me at jordan@prndlcars.com. I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you and can't wait to show you what the future of transportation has in store.

Happy driving!

- Jordan Golson, Founder, PRNDL

Ethical disclosures:

For some reviews, automakers cover airfare, food, and lodging so I can test new cars at a first-drive event with other journalists, as it’s much cheaper to fly me to a car than the other way around and is common practice in the industry. I’ll also get multi-day loans of vehicles to review.

My reviews and opinions are my own, and I do not allow them to be influenced by automakers. And, yes, I’ll give a car a negative review if I think it deserves it.

If you click Amazon or other links and buy something, I might get a commission.

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