I’m Jordan Golson, and I review dozens of cars every year. My video reviews are on YouTube, and my written reviews are here. I’d love it if you subscribed in both places!

My work has been published in a number of major publications including WIRED, The Verge, Popular Mechanics, Motor Trend, Ars Technica, and many more.

I’m also on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Email me at jordan@prndlcars.com


For some reviews, automakers cover airfare, food and lodging so I can test new cars at a first drive event with other journalists, as it’s much cheaper to fly me to a car than the other way around. I’ll also get multi-day loans of vehicles to review.

My reviews and opinions are my own, and I do not allow them to be influenced by automakers. And, yes, I’ll give a car a negative review if I think it deserves it.

If you click Amazon or other links and then buy something, I might get a commission.

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Jordan Golson
Transportation Reporter for PRNDL on YouTube, TikTok, and PRNDLCars.com — Other bylines: PopMech, WIRED, PopSci, The Verge, Bild, Auto Express.